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Service Date:   May 31, 2013, 11:00 am

Date of Birth:   July 23, 1994

Date of Death:   May 25, 2013

Service Type:   Funeral Service

Life Legacy:
Pavlo L. Myronets (7/23/1994- 5/25/2013) On July 23rd, 1994 in a town called Kolodenka, a young couple by the name of Leonid and Valentina Myronets were blessed from above with the birth of a baby boy who they named Pavlo Leonovich Myronets. Pavlo was the 2nd oldest child out of 9 and was the first boy out of the 4 boys that were born into the Myronets family. He was welcomed into the family with open arms and hearts and grew up in a household that was filled with love, laughter, and a deep faith in the Lord. Growing up Pavlo was a quiet child who was calm and loved to work with his hands. He was loved by all who knew him and was a great help to his parents, siblings, and even friends. He was viewed as a role model in his community because of his dedication to helping others. Pavlo always tried to be useful everywhere he went and even though he didn’t say much often, Pavlo’s actions always spoke louder than any words could ever speak. In March 23rd 2007, when Pavlo was almost 13, the Myronets family emigrated to the United States of America. Pavlo worked hard to adapt to the new life in America and put in a lot of effort to learn English and earn good grades in school. In high school he realized that he had great potential to work with his hands and set his sights on becoming a mechanic. He loved to fix, remodel, and to take care of cars. You would often find Pavlo with his head stuck in the hood tinkering with the engine, or under the car helping his dad change the oil. Pavlo also had a great love for the Lord. He sang in the church youth choir and group, preached God’s Word to others, and told poems at church. He was a devoted church goer and planned to take baptism in the summer. His actions reflected his great faith in God and his will to do good. He was blessed with many friends and family and loved living life. However like a flower bud that never got the chance to bloom, Pavlos life was cut short. God determined that his time on this earth had come to an end and took him up to heaven. On May 25th, 2013 a little more than 2 weeks before his graduation from Decatur High School, Pavlo’s life was snuffed out like a candle in the wind. As the sun was rising on Saturday morning Pavlo left to help out his uncle at his job remodeling houses. On the way to work Pavlo was involved in a terrible automobile accident which ended the life of the young and ambitious 18-year old. Today he is at his eternal home in heaven with the Lord where his heart has always longed to be. He is survived by his mom, dad, 5 sisters, 3 brothers, and many relatives. Pavlo is missed by all who knew and loved him and he will always remain in our hearts and memories. We live on, knowing that we will be reunited one day with him in our eternal home located in heaven. “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on that they may rest from their labors, and their works follow them.” - Revelations 14:13

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"I miss you brother and it's already pass one year 1/2 and I still miss you, want to see you talk with you. I hope we will be soon in the Heaven with God... See you there!!!! Your lovely sister Julia"
- Julia

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