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Date of Birth:   September 10, 1926

Date of Death:   September 23, 2013

Life Legacy:
Donald Eugene Buehler, a life-long resident of Tacoma, Washington, 87, passed away Monday September 23, 2013. Donald was born in a small South Dakota town on September 10, 1926. Third son of Albin and Isabelle, he was a very patient man, someone who genuinely cared for his friends, neighbors and family. He gained the nickname Tink or Tinker because he was always tinkering around with things. Taking them apart and putting them back together.   Don understood and appreciated the power of prayer, and the need for reliance on God which helped him through the trying times in his life. He worked to instill a core belief system and Godly qualities as well as the love he personally held for his God into his children. This was not just completed through his words but mostly through his actions. He taught the value of loyalty and hard work to his family. He was pro union and pro Made in the USA. He consistently gave blood, and did the things he thought American’s should do to support our country. He had a sense of pride for the things he worked for and enjoyed sharing of him-self with others. Don served our country in the Army during WWII as an aircraft mechanic between 1942 and 1944. At age 19 he began his career at Carsteins Meat Packing Company which later became Hygrade Meat Packing Company where he exhibited pride in learning the many different functions of the business. He was well liked and respected. His coworkers affectionately called him Rocky until his retirement at age 63. After retirement, Don found several projects to keep him busy whether that meant mowing the lawn of his elderly neighbors or helping someone work on their car. He spent many years caring for his wife, Faith, who had suffered a stroke. Doing all he could to ease any discomfort she may have had. There was an incredible bond between these two that threaded through the years gaining strength and solidity. When he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s , the one consistent person he remembered was his wife. Don had a good sense of humor. His smile was infectious and his heart was always in the right place. He had a soft spot for children and animals. He was a constant teacher to his children and grandchildren. And he has left behind a legacy to be proud of. Donald was preceded in death by his parents, Albin Goodwin and Sylvia Isabelle (nee Samuelson) Buller, Brothers Berton Buller(d.1925) and George Buehler(d. 1994) as well as his first wife, Ada (nee Reynolds)(d. 2006) and second wife of nearly 40 years, Faith Marie (nee Aldridge); Donald leaves behind his five children, Donald L. Buehler (of Avondale, AZ) , Sharon Cyphers (of Bremerton, WA) , Sandra Hubbard (of Tacoma,WA) , Jeannette Buehler (of Port Orchard,WA) and David Buehler(of Avondale,AZ) along with his four step daughters Melody Anderson (Of NV), Patti Reeves (Of WV), Lynn Hoffman(of WA) and Wendy West (of WA), his 8 grandchildren, 15 great grandchildren and 3 great great grandchildren. And the many others he considered friends and family including his longtime caregiver but mostly the dearest friend, Misty Nyman.

Messages of Condolence:

"I have so many amazing memories of you and my childhood. From penny candy to combs to the smell of scotch to the moments hearing you yelling my name from the back door to tell me grandma made us dinner. All the amazing Christmas eves we shared at the 14th street house to the fun BBQ's we all shared at SpanawAy park. YOU gramps gave me many amazing memories to cherish over the years and I have. Jason, Jessica and I will forever keep you in our hearts. Please give my grandma a huge kiss and a hug for me, my brother and my sister and especially my mom. We sure do miss you both beyond words! "
- Amber Caisse (granddaughter)

"Uncle Don, I remember when I was a little girl real little even after you had married faith, getting to see you, an I asked you If I could still call you my Uncle Don, an you said "OF COurse YOU Can!!" that made me day, because you were one of the kindest sweetest tenderest Uncles, and I remember EVEN as a small child, that when you smiled, your eyes sparkled, they really did!! I have never seen someone's eyes sparkle when they smiled as much as yours did on that day I asked you that. An you gave me a great big hug. I love you Uncle Don! Thank you for being the Godly Man you were!"
- Darina

"ncle Don you will be missed greatly.You were always so kind and gentle.God bless you and may you rest in peace your favorite niece Donna LOL!!!!"
- Donna Buehler

"Uncle Tink, as was known by me growing up was my dad's brother George(Red).I have many very fond memories of him growing up.I well remember his smile and his patirnt nature.Him and my dad remand close until my fathers passing in 1993.They bith lived a very hard life in orphanges etc. but came out stronger gentler kinder men.Uncle Don you will be missed.We have all lost a great man who raised a fine bunch of children LOL!!!! May you rest in peace God Bless you your cutest niece Donna Marie"
- Donna Buehler

"Don was one of the few good men that I have had the privilege to have as a friend. He was never boastful or self-serving. He was meek and humble with a very proud dignity about him. He was a modest and simple man but everyone knew they could count on him, no matter what. He was always there to help in any situation, in any way he could. Though under-educated he managed to take care, the best he could, of his 5 children and 4 step-children by working very hard all his adult life until he retired in 1988. Don was very proud of his thick head of hair and loved it when some of his cronies would be a little jealous because theirs was thinning. Although Don had impaired vision, he never let on to anyone; his blue eyes always sparkled. Don also had a stubborn streak that could challenge the best and he taught everyone the meaning of frugal. Once he completely rewired under the firewall of my stepson’s car because he had put the battery chargers on backwards and started a car fire. He wouldn’t take a cent for all the work he did; he got paid with only praise for most jobs he did for friends or family. He was a self made mechanic for his family and friends; the ultimate Mr. Fix It. He was the most patient and loving husband ever put on earth. The only one he knew at the end of his days was his wife, Faith. Their journey wasn’t easy, but Don was always there to love, cherish, honor and “obey”, I might add. It was the way of the times and, for them, it worked. Yours was the greatest generation, so they say Don, and you were a part of that for being the truly great man you were to all who knew you. Don, I will miss you for I believe we shared a special bond, a wonderful, caring friendship, and many happy memories, from our days in the sun, sparked with a little fuel from the Western R. Rest in peace my friend with all who have been waiting so long for you. Please give Faith a big hug and kiss for me; tell her how much I miss her. Thank you for sharing your family with me. I have come to love them all, each in their own way; they have a piece of my heart. "
- Misty Nyman

"I was only in 4th grade when you started dating my mom, I remember the two of you smooching on the couch, and I remember mom smiling a lot. I remember how you took mom out on the town every Friday night, and out for breakfast every Sunday. I remember the day me and my friends were up in the loft of the garage, (this was before you built the stairs). the latter fell and we were all stuck up there. I just knew I was in big trouble, after awhile you came home and found us, you were not mad, you helped everyone of us down and told me to be more careful in the garage. I remember the trip to Arizona and Texas Lynn and I I insisted we not stop for the night unless there was a pool, you made sure we got our pools. I always called you Don, but you were in fact my dad. From giving me allowance to grounding my butt when I screwed up. Thank you for always loving me, thank you for being my dad. I love you and I will miss you. RIP "
- Wendy West

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