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Richard (Rick) MOLZAHN

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Service Date:   June 13, 2013, 10:30 am

Date of Birth:   February 13, 1961

Date of Death:   June 1, 2013

Charitable Donations Made To:   In lieu of flowers, donations in Rick Molzahn name may be made to: The Humane Society 4910 A St. SE Auburn, Washington 98092

Life Legacy:
Richard (Rick) Ray Molzahn February 13, 1961 – June 1, 2013 Rick Molzahn, 52, owner of Jen Tech Stencils of Federal Way, Washington, suddenly passed away, in his sleep, on Saturday, June 1, 2013 due to an aneurism. Rick’s family is shocked and devastated. He was born to Sylvia and Richard Molzahn, in Seattle, on February 13, 1961. The love of Rick’s life has been Jennie Lyman for 30 years. Though they never had children, the dogs they have loved have been their babies. Rick has spent the last 18 years building a successful business he named Jen Tech. This is a road stenciling business that he named after his wife. Rick loved to joke, be happy and make other’s laugh. His motto was, “Life’s a joke, live it to the fullest.” He was a big kid at heart and was always going to be that way. One of his favorite traditions was to grow his beard, put on a Santa suit, paint his hair white and have pictures in front of the Christmas tree taken with his 3 year old, great-niece Kylee. Rick’s niece Vanessa, and two nephew’s, Lance and Tyler, were the kids he never had. These three will have wonderful memories of the wild antics Uncle Ricky made them go through to get $50 for Christmas every year. From unraveling necklaces made out of 50 ~ $1 bills, to melting a candle that had 50 ~ $1 coins melted into all the wax, to being handcuffed together and going on a scavenger hunt through the neighborhood on Christmas morning. He even made Ritz Cracker Peanut Butter cookies with fifty dollars in $1 coins in the middle—for each kid. He took a break from creativity one year to fill 3 boxes with 5,000 pennies each. He had taped each kid’s box so completely, that it took work to get it open. I’m sure that he had already planned what his Christmas scheme was going to be for these three - now adults, this year, or he was working on it. If you met Rick, you knew him; there was nothing he was shy about. He had the gift to gab and it served him well. I’m sure we all imagined him an old man still making everyone laugh. Heaven is lucky to have him so soon. Rick Molzahn is survived by his wife Jennie Lyman, his mother Sylvia Molzahn, his sister Patty Breault, his brother Ronald Molzahn his sister Pam Nelson Jacobs, his nephew Lance Frank, his niece Vanessa Driessen, his nephew Tyler Nelson and his great-niece Kylee Driessen. Rick Molzahn was preceded in death by his father Richard Molzahn. Memorial services will be Thursday, June 13th at St. Theresa’s Church 3939 SW 331st Federal Way, WA 98023 A Rosary will be held at 10:30 am, a Service at 11:00 am with a reception immediately following.

Messages of Condolence:

"Jennie, we are so sorry and sad that Rick is gone. The two times we met him left a deep impression. Remember the good times even though your heart is breaking. He will always be in your heart. Take care and know Rick is watching over you. Gary and Alyce Rae"
- Alyce Rae Willey

"After knowing Rick for 17 years it will be hard to imagine him not being around. Rick was a very funny guy. Could make anyone laugh. Even though it is heartbreaking to know he is gone it is good to hear that he has out lived what was expected or I would have never had the pleasure to have met him and known him.. He is going to be truly missed by soo many but his memories will be around forever....."
- Amy Bormann Novo

"Our Deepest Sympathy and Sincere Condolences to Rick's Family. May God Comfort you all through these difficult days, until you meet him again.!!!"
- Arlene and Babe Sannes

"I've never met Rick, but have had lots of conversations with him, over the phone. I was thrilled when we first starting doing business with Jen Tech. We found someone who was a straight shooter, competitive with his pricing, and couldn't have given us better service. I am truely sorry for your loss."
- Bob (Centerline Striping)

"We will greatly miss you Rick and never forget all the times you helped us out. You were like an old friend to us and we could always count on you. I know you are in heaven and will never forget you. Christian Parker "
- Christian Parker

"Uncle Rick Though you were not my blood family you were a man I adored to see at every event I went to at Roxanne's house. You were an amazing man and my brother and I were blessed to have been able to have you in our lives for the short time we did. Thank you so much for keeping a smile on every single persons face regardless of the situation. That is a true gift that not many people have. We love you so much and you will be missed greatly. Rest in peace Uncle Rick "
- Courtney Santos

"Just met Rick one time will never forget that one time god bless he with my son in the big sky"
- dan wilson

"I knew Dick when he was a small child. His father Warren and my husband Norm worked together as Boeing engineers. Norm performed architectural planning for the Molzahn residence on Delridge Way. Your Mom is a great gal. Haven't seen her in years. Remember sister Pam, what a cute little girl. Norm passed away in 2005 two months after our 60th wedding anniversary. Condolences to all of the Molahn clan. Great family."
- Dorie Jennings

"We were very sad to hear about Rick. Our hearts and thoughts are with you, Mrs. Molzahn, Pam, Ron, and Patty and your families. We know he will be greatly missed. "
- Ellen and Brent Kawaguchi

"I, too, was shocked to read the news about Rick. He was a vendor of mine for 16 years and I never had to question whether or not I'd get good service from him. We had a number of great conversations over the years and I'm sorry we won't have the chance to meet in person. My sympathy goes out to everyone in his family. I know that Rick is in a better place. God Bless."
- Greg Russell, Rows & Rows Parking Lot Services

"I've had the pleasure of doing business with Rick for the past 10 years. He always treated me very fair and always delivered on time. Was very shocked to hear about his passing. I just talked to him right after his most recent vacation. Thank you to him for his years of service and I look forward to working with Jen Tech in the near future. Take care."
- Jason Simons, SURE LINE Inc

"Rick was my love from the start he made me realize we could never part. The child in him so innocent and sweet. The mischief in his eyes brought blush to my cheeks. His special smile his special face a special someone I can't replace. When he passed part of me died, now I am left without him by my side. I can't imagine him not in my life. What I would do to have him back in my life. I loved him so much with all of my heart. Until were together I will continue to love him with want left of my heart. My heart belongs to him my soul dies for him my eyes cry for him and my arms wish they could reach out for him. Rick you are and always will be my everything especially my best friend. I will thank god everyday for 30 years of love laughter and friendship"
- jen

"He was my love from the start. He made me realize we could never part. His special smile his special face a special man I can't replace. His child in him so innocent and sweet. His mischief in his eyes bought blush to my cheeks. When he passed part of me died. Now I am left without him by my side. I can't image him not in my live. What I would give to have him back in my life. The memories we share are installed in my heart. But the pain I feel cuts so deep in my heart. My heart belongs to him, my soul dies for him, my eyes cry for him and my arms wish I could reach out for him. I love him so much with all of my heart. Until were together I will continue to love with what left of my heart. Rick you are and always will be my everything especially my best friend. I thank god everyday for 30 years of love laughter and friendship's "
- jen

"I worked with Rick at Stripe Rite years ago where I first learned about his since of humor and crazy antics. He drove a road striper for us and would work hours on end in the summer time to get the work done. I remember laughing with him about making stencils in his basement while watching the "Beverly Hillbillies"....what a different life he had now that he wasn't striping. I've continued to buy stencils from him all of these years, the last nine from here in Idaho. I'm going to miss calling him and saying "Boise Idaho Here", and him always knowing it was me with a "hey...what's up""
- Jimmy Friedrich

"To Jennie, Sylvia and family, We are shocked and saddened by your sudden loss. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of you. It is reassuring at least to think of Rick and his dad reunited."
- Jon and Margaret Fehrenbach

"We are so sorry to hear of Rick's passing. He was a fun guy and always made us laugh. What a great legacy to leave behind! Sylvia, Ron and family - you are all in our hearts and prayers. He will be missed and not forgotten."
- Karen and Don McPeak

"You're the man, Rick. I will never forget you. You were as much family to us as anyone and nobody can take away from you all the good things you did for us and others. Your deeds are accounted for in the book of life and I know you have your just reward in heaven. I only hope I can live up to your example."
- Leon Dapiaoen

- Mom...Sylvia

"I remember Rick always being upbeat and smiling! Even when he got hurt in an auto accident, way back when he was in his teens, riding as a passenger in the back seat of a car! Sylvia and Dick had a heck of a time trying to keep him in bed while recuperating! And still I can hear him singing "Why don't you stay a little while longer....." in the upper bridge of his dad's boat (the "Looking Good") while cruising in the San Juan Islands during the summer months. Knowing how he was here, I would not doubt it at all that he is still the same where he is now! Nelson and Laura "
- Nelson and Laura Campos

"Wish I had one more day... I'm so sorry I didn't tell you what having you as a brother meant to me. A favorite memory for me is playing baseball with all the neighborhood kids. I was much younger and of course the only girl. So when I got up to hit, I was the "easy out." But my big brothers, Ricky and Ronnie, always told the boys....."Just let her get on base." I never told you guys how much I appreciated getting special treatment because I was the only girl brave enough to play with all you boys. :) You will be dearly missed Rick. I admired how you lived life without caring what others thought. You were quirky, and a big kid at heart, and you were always going to be that way. I've had the privilege of talking with many of your customers. We've talked, laughed and's been wonderful to hear stories of all the laughs you've given them. You truly formed amazing relationships around the world with doing your business over the phone. This is such a shock and sad, sad loss to have you gone at only 52. We were told that most people with this type of aneurysm, typically don't make it past their teens or early 20's. I'm thankful for all the extra years we got with you. I'm sure you're making 'em all laugh in's just your way. I will love you always, Pam ...xo...xo... Your little sister forever!"
- Pam Nelson Jacobs

"We were so sorry to hear of Rick's departure. Having done business with him over the last 15 years, I grew to know him very well. He was a decent, kind man who knew his business. His products were 2nd to none. We look forward to doing business with Jen Tech in the future!!"
- Roger Darnall, Clean-Line

"How do I say goodbye? Saying goodbye makes it real… makes it true that you are gone. It hurts. I know that we are supposed to be celebrating your life, and that we are supposed to be thankful that you were with us for so long. The doctors tell us that it was a miracle that you were with us as long as you were. I am trying to tell my heart that, but it is still absolutely broken…and it doesn’t seem to want to hear it. I love you Uncle Rick. I will miss you so much. Thank you for all that you have brought to my life, my family’s life, my friend’s lives, you were truly an inspiration to everyone around you. Your life was a lesson about balance, about finding joy every day, about living each day to the fullest. You showed everyone around you that you can live your life your way, regardless of what people think, work hard, play hard, and love hard and be extremely selfless at the same time. The impact that you have so obviously had on so many lives is amazing. The way that you loved and cared for my Aunt was remarkable, honorable, and set a high bar for me, for how a woman should be treated. No one will ever be able to fill this void…..because there is no one else like you. You were one of a kind, and you will be truly missed. "
- Roxanne Byrne (aka Rocky =)

" Rick, there will never be enough words to express what you were to me. You were not just my cousin. You were my big brother I never had. I know you and the rest of the world know what I mean. You taught me so much and took me under your wing when you should have been exploring yourself and your young adult years. Not too many people would spend time with pre-teens and well into my teen years making sure NO ONE did me wrong. You were a light at the end of the tunnel when we loss our Grandpa( Papa Ray) for me. His humor and quick wit,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,miss you soooo much. You were my rock and my guardian angle. The years we spent together in Alaska were PRICELESS! You taught me more then you could ever imagine. I miss our Alaskan life. The forts in 30 below and the walks in the woods searching for diamond willow so you and my mom could widdle your wood. The trips to your favorite restaurant McDonald's and the movie theater when you showed us how fast a luggie could freeze at -30 degrees. lmao! You took time out of your life for me and I will never forget that. You were my moms source of laughter on the job and during our travels to Alaska and all over the state. I remember once driving to Alaska and you were trying to smack the crap out of Danny and went off the road towing the trailer. How we all made it this long it still a shock. I loved your sense of humor and I am a female version of you. It just takes a lot more for a mother of two to be as excepted as you were. That's why you were so special. You understood who "WE" were. I think of our last day together and it was amazing. I too would love to have "just one more day" I hope our memento from the beach bar is somewhere in you home as its no longer at the beach house. I have sooooo many stories yet not to sure this is the time or place to write a autobiography of the Rick and I adventures. But I know it would keep people's attention and be a best seller with all the reality TV shows that our on today. I am sooo sorry for loosing your 3-muskatiers candy bars when I went to the mall for you when I was I think 10 or 11. I did your laundry for the entire summer to work off the 3@$1 they cost. I think back now and I know I got the short end of the stick. You will always be my big brother from another mother. I am so thankful for you and your will to live through your traumatic car accident to be the person you were in all of our lives. I know this is not appropriate , but you said it all the time. " You know how your own farts? kind of smell nice?" Thinking of you always and forever. Love your first Roxanne. Yes I hear you singing it! ( R.I.P) I would so love to see video of all our loved ones your with. Give my parents a hug and don't let go for me. I am jealous that your there and I am not. But someday we will meet again. I am waiting for you to let me know all is well like mom and dad do in my dreams. When you do I will update this page and post it for everyone else to enjoy. That's what you were. Joy to our lives..............thinking of and missing you. Love you Big Cuz! Till we see each other again................."
- Roxanne Paulson( your favorite little girl cousin! I wish! lol)

"Sure going to miss your all in's @ guys weekend. "
- Ted

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