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Margareta TOMMOS
Margareta TOMMOS

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Date of Birth:   March 11, 1957

Date of Death:   November 27, 2013

Life Legacy:
Margareta Elaine Tommos, born March 11th, 1957 in Toronto, Canada, passed away on November 27th, 2013 in Seattle, Washington. Margareta touched lives all over the globe. She was David's soul mate. She supported animal care, especially for bats. She loved bats faces, ugly and cute at the same time. Her "Totem" was the Saber tooth cat; and with marriage, David and Margareta joined the Houses of the Great Wolf with House Saber tooth, Knighted each others' seconds, and swore each other Shield Mates. Now she guards our House from the Other Side. Margareta published two e-books, and was working on her "Great Fantasy Novel" when she passed away. She wanted to be a writer, and since some people bought her books -- I guess she was. Margareta and David worked together, sitting across from each other at their computers, listening to what she had written so far, we enjoyed the editing process of literature working together. Into the Great Mystery, My Love, you go first!

Messages of Condolence:

"Thank you, Gabrielle, That was perfect. She lived our marriage and loved me the same way: with great purpose."
- David

"Margareta was always amazingly efficient. She exhibited a work ethic to emulate and awesome skills that mere mortals like me could only aspire towards. We met starting our lives as young adults, in our twenties. Those young years are formative, although we don't always recognize it at the time. I knew my friend had suffered as a child and in some unidentifiable way was fragile as a result. I was by her side, we buried both of her parents. I remember her love for her sister and her recognition of the differences between them. She was loyal and also incredibly strong, one of the most determined people I have had the honor of knowing. Margareta cared deeply about her friends and our world. She lived her life with intention, directing her efforts towards making the world a better place and fulfilling her passion, her calling, writing. Her wit, her generosity and loving soul are and will remain present in the lives she touched. I helped Margareta move multiple times, sadly, often further away from where I lived. She was in my wedding. We shared confidences as she met and fell in love with her husband, David. As the Knight Champion of the House Saber Tooth, it was an honor to represent her during their wedding. In recent years, we did not see each other often and now, I will always regret that. I believed in her. I loved her. She once said to me that when grieving, some people pull into themselves and others reach out for the support of friends and community. She consciously chose the latter, again with intention. We who survive her are better for her having been here, even as we struggle and adjust to her loss. We were blessed to have her as long as we did. "
- Gabrielle

"Knight Champion of the House of the Great Wolf mourns with you and sends condolences and wishes for healing."
- Lloyd Bliss

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