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John Duff

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Service Date:   November 29, 2013, 3:00 pm

Date of Birth:   October 31, 1949

Date of Death:   November 17, 2013

More Services:   Military Graveside Services will be held at 3 PM on November 29th, 2013 at Tahoma National Cemetery, 18600 SE 240th Street, Kent, WA

Life Legacy:
John Danny Duff, born November 1st, 1949 in Badnauheim, Germany, died on November 17th, 1949 in Spanaway, Washington. He will be dearly missed.

Messages of Condolence:

" I am truly sorry for anyone that never got the chance to know the real Danny, the one who we all accepted just the way he was. Uncle Danny had a wonderful way of looking at things... he always found the humor in everything and if for some reason there was no humor, he created it. We all loved him and we would never speak bad or write bad stuff about him. All anyone had to do was to accept and love him the way he was, which was not hard to do because Uncle Danny had a deep respect and love for all of those around him and especially his wife ( Aunt Benny) of 39 years. There are many hardships out there for all of us, we all have our own crosses to carry. It is only in the way we are remembered and loved that make any difference in this world, and Uncle Danny was the BEST. "
- Holly White

"I miss you! I am living with aunt Benny right now and we talk and remember you everyday. You brought so much laughter and smiles to all of us... we would find something or buy it and bring it to you as a gift and you always cherished it as if it was worth a billion dollars, you did that with everyone. I will miss talking with you, I could talk to you about anything and if it was something bad you always made it better with laughter. You could make all the bad things go away! I believe that you are in heaven with Marge ( ur mom), Larry (ur son), Casey (ur grandson). Sharon (my mom).. I picture you all running around in a golden field and enjoying each others company.. We got to spend 39 years with you and I am will look forward to seeing you all again. Dont worry about aunt Benny we are all looking out for her as you would have wanted us to. There will NEVER be anyone who could take your place and I know that we all miss and love you."
- Holly White

"I love you and miss you everyday Grandpa..... "
- Steph

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