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Date of Birth:   December 31, 1962

Date of Death:   April 29, 2012

Life Legacy:
Emmanuel Carreon Sarmiento, born to December 31st, 1962 in Manila, Philippines, passed away on December 31st, 2012.

Messages of Condolence:

"It doesn't happen very often when you meet someone that you connect with , where you can completely be yourself. When that type of person comes along your path, you hang on to it and cherish their friendship, whether it is a short time or long time. His goofiness, good advise, and caring heart for people touched myself and many others. He is missed very deeply! For me, it's a lesson to be learned not to take people in our lives for granted, to forgive each other (especially forgive ourselves), and love each other. Most importantly, let them know on a daily basis how much you care and love that person because we never know when our time will come. We shouldn't wait until someone's gone to let them know how much we love them, care about them, and appreicate them. It reminds me of the song by Garth Brooks, "If Tomorrow Never Comes". I would like wish his family and relatives, my deepest condolences. -Gen "

"I was shocked upon learning of Monnie's death.Just knew about his passing away last night.He was a good friend during our college days in Manila. Our condolences to his family...Rest in peace, Pareng Monnie."
- Al B. Navarra

"There are people out there that we all have know for such a short time but have made an impact in our lives and Monnie is absolutely one of those people in our lives. He is loved and will be missed by many. My family and I would like to wish his family our deepest condolences. "
- Jack

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